Welcome to the news page where BBC and x-BBC TV  OB COMMS staff can keep in touch.  Just click on the name links to find out whose doing what and where.  This is an interactive webpage, not for voyeurs.  That means don't just look, send something in!  Please email any news, old or new photos (compressed <100k), old or new stories etc that you can share about yourself or a colleague to Cheers!

Group photos: ooerr!!  Updated 20/10/05

Comms revue 1991 out takes:

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Adam Keelan                          

Adrian Lane        photo with kids in NZ

Andy Hame        many photos                                  13/10/05

Ann Hignell

Bob Forsberg       photos

Brian Keylock      photo                                             11/10/5

Chris Brockbank

Chris Buchanan   photo                                           21/10/05

Chris Cobb          photos

Colin Grimshaw   photo                                            18/10/05

Colin Meban        photos work + home                        11/10/5

Colin Rhodes       photo                                            13/10/05

Dave Ladd           photos + webpage link           NEW 28/10/05

Dave Miles          photo

Dave Rickard       photos                                            11/10/5

Dennis Lindridge  photo                                            21/10/05

Dick Bulford        photo                                    NEW 28/10/05 

Dick Simmonds   photo

Frank Turner        photo                                            21/10/05

Fred Bann           photo

Gary Sims          photo                                              11/10/5

Gerry Lindfield

Giles Herbert

John Roberts       photo

John Sewell        photo                                             11/10/05

John Watts         photo                                    NEW 28/10/05

Jon Cooke          photos                                           20/10/05

Julian Parsons

Lincoln Wilson    photo                                             18/10/05

Mark Vesey       photo and news

Martin Harrison   photo                                             13/10/05

Martin Sexton

Mike Dayman     photo                                            13/10/05

Mike Jordan       message + photo                            13/10/05

Neil Crowland     photo                                             13/10/05

Nic Christodoulou message + photo                          11/10/05

Peter Bentham    photos

Peter Osborne

Rachel Modell (now Gibbons).  photos                       13/10/05

Ray Lindley

Reg McGhee      photo                                             21/10/05

Robbie Denholm  photos

Robin Smith                                                             11/10/5

Robin Hart        photo + webpage link +NEWS           13/10/05

Rob Walker                                                             13/10/05

Stan Poole         photo                                             21/10/05

Steve Clifford       photo                                 

Steve Goodey

Stuart Swift        photo  + news                           NEW 8/11/05

Tony Pearce       photo                                             20/10/05

Mike Jordan's webpage with links to back issues of the Comms Snorty laugh:

Equipment photos from memory (or mammary) lane!! The duty room wall

If you must!: